What Kind of Camera Should You Buy For Your Kid?

Kid’s digital cameras are for kids with a mind to explore.

It’s no wonder that kids in general are massively geared toward high tech gadgets.

Digital cameras help kids and students explore and preserve new things in life.

Usually, most digital cameras for kids are a bit chunkier compared to the sleeker versions used by adults.

The reason is simple… larger models appear easy to hold by smaller hands, compared to the sleeker ones.

That means, larger models are less prone to getting lost and/or broken.

Why do we need brighter colors for kid’s digital cameras?

And same is true for brighter colors.

So you see many kids digital cameras with cartoon themes – the big idea here is to attract children.

These cameras usually come with buttons of limited functionality or options.

So a typical kid camera shouldn’t have much more than power, shutter, delete/erase, flash or play.

There are cheaper models too.

Those cameras won’t come with any advanced review function.

Rather, they’ll be just capable of taking digital photos that are used for uploading into PCs.

It’s time for a little something about the features of kid’s digital cameras.

Well, you get all those kid’s stuff/materials.

They involve heftier plastics as well as larger buttons – just what make real sense for kids.

When a digital camera comes with a special LCD review screen, it’ll be pretty small (just an inch) for limiting possibilities for breakage.

Special kid versions of digital cameras are marketed to especially preteens.

Sometimes, they are key chain-size and have absolutely no provision for review screen.

This way, they’re pretty ideal for kids who want to take their cameras to school.

Kid’s digital cameras also lack the sophistication of features that you see in most of the adult models.

Good examples are scene modes change options, manual focus options and advanced zooming options.

And on the kid versions, resolution usually remains at the least available.

Now, the average for kid’s cameras is just 3 megapixels.

That means, a smaller digital media card will be adequate.

kid camera

Misconceptions about Kid’s Digital Cameras

There are some misconceptions regarding these cameras.

Savvy parents who own advanced digital cameras might be actually hesitant while purchasing child-designed cameras that come with very limited resolutions.

Considering the average models that are marketed these days, 3 megapixels feel like too insufficient (as far as the question of quality photographs is concerned).

Still, 3-megapixel photographs are usually more than enough in terms of size and quality files – especially when it comes to using online.

They’re adequate for printing as big as 4×6 inches large photos.

As most children like to make a couple of prints larger than this, you could call 3-megapixel a decent resolution for kids’ camera.

And you better be aware of some risk factors too.

When kids are dealing with cameras, you can’t deny the risk of their accidentally dropping or somehow damaging the digital equipment.

That’s why children using digital cameras should be supervised.

So when you buy the camera for your kids, be sure to check whether the seller offers accidental service plans as insurance.

Additionally, children are at times confused when they upload photos to a computer or when they make prints at any commercial kiosks.

So, kids digital cameras become very handy when it comes to kids.

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