Cameras Evolution

In the past few decades, technology has made immense advancements in all spheres of life and our lives have undergone a sea change in all its aspects.

Our lives today are greatly ruled by countless gadgets that have been gifted to us through the rapid development in technology and they have made living much more convenient and effortless.

Cameras may be rightly regarded as the most suitable objects around in order to capture and record our memories in our happy times as well as our grim moments.


Bygone are the days when, big and cumbersome black and white cameras using photographic films in order to capture memories were in vogue and today, they have been entirely replaced by sleek and stylish cameras that are much more efficient than their predecessors and effortless to use.

A digital camera is one of its kinds that make use of electronic image sensors to take videos or still photographs.

They are better than the conventional photographic cameras by miles.

They can display images on the screen immediately after the recording is made and are capable of storing thousands of photos and videos in a minute memory chip thus doing away with the concept of usage of photographic films that enable the storage of only a few photos.

What’s more is that, they can also aid in deleting the images that are not found to be up to the mark by the user.

Apart from these, they can also enable editing of photos.

Some even have GPS systems fitted in them that produce geographically tagged photos.

Besides, focusing arrangements are easy and hassle free.

Digital cameras are available in a variety of sizes, types and price ranges.

The top notch is occupied by the expensive digital single lens reflex cameras, which are much more versatile and are suitable to be used by professional photographers.

Digital compact cameras form the lowest rung and provide most of the basic functions.

It is the convenience and the simple usage principles that make the digital cameras suitable for a variety of purposes, ranging from medical facilities to space research and even military and spying purposes.

Their compact natures enable them to be carried easily and their robust natures ensure that they are suitable for usage under the most extreme and harshest of situations.

It is hoped that technology will continue to prosper in the days to come and usher us with better and more user friendly digital cameras.

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